Our Health

Our health

Outdoor – Summer Beach Camp

Yay, the weather is supposed to be nice, we are mostly outside (protected by open tents) and there are currently no more corona related access restrictions or mask requirements regardless of the type of event or venue in Berlin.

But for your own protection and the protection of others we kindly ask you to do a quick test in advance and to respect the common hygiene rules.

You can buy a quick self-test at any pharmacy for around a little under one up to 2 euros each.
And here is a large test center in Kreuzberg, not far from the Sage.
(There are also several smaller centers, but some of them are closing now because they used to be a club or bar and are now finally allowed to reopen).
A quick test for guests not living in Germany costs 14,90 EUR.

We will provide disinfectants.

Hotels, bars restaurants and stores

There are no official requirements or mask requirement anymore.

Public Transportation & Taxi

In Berlin, the FFP2 mask requirement continues to apply in public transportation.
Not wearing a mask can result in a fine of at least 50 EUR and up to 550 EUR.

Tickets for bus and train:
You can buy them at all train stations or via app at BVG.
If you want to stay longer and/ or travel through Germany from June to August 2022, you can use the special 9-Euro-Ticket.
Or check the fares for short distances / single trips.

For cabs there is also a mask obligation, here a medical mask is also sufficient.
In most cabs you can pay by credit or EC card, but it is better to ask beforehand.

There is a short distance tariff in Berlin for trips up to a maximum of 2km for 6 EUR.
This is only valid if you wave the cab on the street, not for telephone orders. And you have to ask the driver before you start your journey!

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