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Thank you for joining us to create an amazing, fascinating and engaging :clojureD!

:clojureD is open for all topics. Our main purpose is to learn more about Clojure with basic, advanced or brand-new topics. Share some insight of your libraries. Tell us about your successful – of even better: failed – missions, so we can learn from it.

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If you like to have some feedback on your talk idea don’t hesitate to contact us. We are very happy to help you find and refine your topic. Just not sure or do not want to reveal your talk title & teaser yet? No problem!
But it would be a great help if you could write us a catchy line(s) with which you would like to arouse the community’s curiosity. It can also be mysterious…

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    A talk at :clojureD is 30 minutes long, including Q & A.

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