29 February 2020 in Berlin

Ticket sale starts October 2019

Clojure conference in Germany

:clojureD is the biggest annual Clojure conference in Germany. It’s a non-profit conference from the Clojure community for the Clojure community. Software developers from all over the world meet in the cosmopolitan city of Berlin to share new, amazing and mind-blowing ideas and techniques using Clojure and functional programming.

Meet your community

You don’t go to a conference just for the talks, but also for meeting people. Exciting people you’ve never met or dear fellows you see far too seldom. That’s why breaks during the conference and a spacious but warm and welcoming venue offer various opportunities to have thrilling chats and share a good time together. And if that’s not enough, :clojureD is also framed by a pre-conference welcome meet up before and a get-together right after the conference.

For the latest news, some chit-chat or when feeling somewhat lonesome, please visit :clojureD’s Twitter or Slack channel.

One day? Two days? Even four?! Your choice!

:clojureD is a one-day, two tracks conference. You want more? More Clojure? Then join the International Clojure Data Science Meetup two days before :clojureD or Audible side effects: Clojure music gathering the day after :clojureD.

Or are you more into technologies beyond the mainstream? Then join the BOB conference just the day before :clojureD!

  • Tip: Make sure to buy combi tickets for both conferences to get more brain food for even less money.


Kalkscheune BerlinIn 2020 :clojureD will happen at Kalkscheune, a great location, right in the heart of Berlin.

Getting there should be really easy for whatever type of transport you prefer.

Johannisstrasse 2, 10117 Berlin

Code of Conduct

Be nice, welcoming and respectful.

We all want the :clojureD Berlin to be a fun and fruitful event for everyone, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion.

To ensure this :clojureD uses the Berlin Code of Conduct.

We will not tolerate harassment of any form at the conference. If you witness intolerable behavior please let us know: