We at Doctronic support our customers in the publishing industry and the public sector with highly specialized software solutions. For our Xaver Publishing Platform and Xaver Access Management as well as most of our custom projects we rely on Clojure. Therefore we support the Clojure community and the advancement of Clojure by hosting the :clojureD conference.

JUXT is a unique software consultancy, with a track record of delivering high-quality IT systems to meet challenging business objectives.
We focus on the fundamental axes of time, data, form and code, to build systems rapidly and keep complexity under control.

Nubank was founded in 2013 to free people from a bureaucratic, slow and inefficient financial system.
Since then, through innovative technology and outstanding customer service, the company has been redefining people's relationships
with money across Latin America. With operations in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, Nubank is today one of the largest digital banking platforms
and technology-leading companies in the world.
We run almost exclusively on Clojure and we’re looking for innovative and creative minds to join us as we grow.

Pitch is collaborative presentation software for modern teams. Our product unifies the entire workflow of presenting, so teams can go from draft to deck
in no time, and presenters and audiences can connect anywhere, anytime. All in one place.
Our application is built with Clojure and ClojureScript, and it's our pleasure to support the community through :ClojureD!

Rethinking identity for the connected world, Vouch.io radically changes how digital identity is created, secured, and verified to deliver the most secure and frictionless identity-centric products and experiences ever.

With some of the world's leading Clojure(script) talent, we're developing breakthrough identity technologies to accelerate innovation and deliver new first-of-a-kind experiences.

Flexiana is a team of craftsmen with a passion for developing software. We are senior developers, designers, testers, and scrum masters that become part of our customers' team.
Our mission is to provide excellent software development services from apps, business tools to complex systems for partners from all over the world.
Our main partners are either fin-tech, e-commerce, retail, ICOs, or companies implementing blockchain projects.

We digitize invoicing, payments and accounting – JustOn stands for successful automation of financial processes.
We are a leading solution provider on the Salesforce platform and support companies to realize their digitalization strategy.
With our excellent software products well-known SMBs worldwide monetize every business model directly.
Our mission is to develop advanced business software, that gives people time – time that they can invest in good and meaningful projects.
That’s our small contribution to make the world a little better.

We help our customers with their software development projects and architecture decisions as well as developing our own products with Clojure and ClojureScript.
In our work, we are committed to supporting open source software and the maintainers.

Where talent meets hard work and digital artisanship.

Nextjournal is the notebook for reproducible research. Run anything you can put into a Docker container and improve your workflow with polyglot notebooks, automatic versioning and real-time collaboration. Save time and money with on-demand provisioning, including GPU support.
Nextjournal is built in Clojure and ClojureScript and we're happy to keep supporting the Clojure community.

DemandFlow automatizes company processes in many branches of industry.
We build our own solutions for sales and marketing processes in Clojure.

Fluent is a real-time, completely customizable graph database designed at the intersection of people and organizations.
Fluent brings together all of the various workflows that people and organizations use and simplifies collaboration by putting them into a single platform. The platform multiplies the potential of personal and organizational networks, allowing any number of users to seamlessly link live data across apps and organizations.
With Fluent you can model data, presentations, and workflows - amplifying your work with flexible solutions previously requiring a wide range of different SaaS tools.

The Gaiwan team lives and breathes Clojure, and we help companies in a variety of industries to achieve excellence.
Gaiwan is deeply invested and embedded in the community.
We organize the Heart of Clojure conference, and are the stewards of the Lambda Island open source projects, and of the ClojureVerse forum and Lambda Island Discord community.

We envision a world connected by amazing content.
So our mission is to supercharge the billions of enterprise content touchpoints that power the global customer experience.

Red Pineapple Media is a leading global digital video advertising platform.
We're experts in delivering truly effective global ad campaigns tailored specifically to an audience, never compromising on quality.
We've worked for 72 of the 100 leading global brands in more than 64 countries and counting.


We need your help!

:clojureD is a non-profit conference from the Clojure community for the Clojure community. It’s made with great passion and love.

To keep the ticket prices low and the standards high, we need sponsors. Help us to create an ambitious, enjoyable, enlightening and yet affordable software developer conference:

Sponsorship Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Price (EUR) 5.000 4.000 2.500 1.000
Tickets included 7 5 3 2
Announced via Twitter
Company logo and link online on :clojureD Sponsors Page
Company logo printed on "This year's sponsors" rollup banner / wall
Company logo presented during conference opening
Company logo and link online on :clojureD Website (Footer)  
Your own rollup banner at the welcome area or the beach  
Provide your own handouts or swag for our digital conference bag    
Company logo displayed at start and end of conference videos    
Booth spot    
Company Logo printed on :clojureD 2022 Give away    
Your own welcome video presented during conference opening      
Your own rollup banner on stage      

Food & Drinks

For the culinary welfare of our guests we will offer a welcome snack, a lunch, coffee break, several beverages during the conference and, this year ’s special, a BBQ at our legendary „Get Together“ at the beach.
(All meals offer vegan, vegetarian & meat options.)

Sponsorship Food & Drinks
Price 700 EUR
Tickets included 1
Announced via Twitter
Company logo and link online on :clojureD Sponsors Page
Company Logo presented during conference farewell
Company logo on screen during lunch and coffee breaks
Small stand-up displays near food and drink stations


This is all too complicated and you just want to donate some money? Then use our :clojureD ❤️ Supporter ❤️ ticket option.

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