Talks 2021

June 5

In addition to our fantastic speakers, we are happy to have some great artists on the show. For the welcome, during the breaks and for the farewell. It will be glittery, magical and surprising! And before we meet at our virtual bar in gather.town, there will be a pinch of old school punk rock directly from a secret space in Berlin.

A Trick of the Tool

by Alex Miller

About Alex Miller

Alex Miller

Alex Miller has been part of the Clojure core team since 2013 working for Relevance, Cognitect, and Nubank where he has worked on many Clojure features, the Clojure CLI tools, spec, and a smorgasbord of other Clojure libraries.
Alex is the co-author of Clojure Applied and co-author of the 3rd edition of Programming Clojure (both on Pragmatic).
He moonlights as a conference organizer and created the Clojure/west, Lambda Jam, and Strange Loop conferences.

Firetomic: Replacing Datomic with Datahike and Firebase

by Alexander Oloo

About Alexander Oloo

Alexander Oloo

Alex is an engineer by trade. A designer by necessity. He’s been writing code for over a decade, both front and back. From Assembly to C and Node to Vue. And of course lots and lots of Clojure.

While the sun is up, Alex is the Head of Design at Absa Bank where he’s focusing on building a world class design org in which designers and process engineers can thrive.

Victims of Complexity

by Bozhidar Batsov

About Bozhidar Batsov

Bozhidar Batsov

Bozhidar is the author/maintainer of CIDER, nREPL, a dozen related projects, and the editor of the community Clojure style guide.
Most people would probably describe him as an Emacs zealot (and they would be right).
He's quite fond of the Lisp family of languages, functional programming in general and Clojure in particular. Shocker, right?

Outside of programming he's one extremely boring person, who's trying to learn and do many things, but due to extremely poor planning skills and total lack of focus, he usually ends up doing nothing. 😀
On the bright side – his bio section stays short and lean.

Generic Gymnastics: Sussman to Production Clojurescript Code

by Jordan Miller

About Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller (aka lambduhh) is the new dev on the block. Just a she/her making her way through the wild world of functional programming while feebly attempting to grow out her neckbeard.

If you are into learning while laughing and enjoy entertaining clojure/tech content you should check out more about her here: https://linktr.ee/lambduhhh.

Clerk: Local-First Notebooks for Clojure

by Martin Kavalar

About Martin Kavalar

Martin Kavalar

Martin Kavalar is a programmer with a degree in Physics interested in working at the intersection of science and industry.
With his small team, he has been building and running Sauspiel, an online community for the traditional German card game Schafkopf, for fifteen years.
They are now leveraging that experience to build NextJournal, to facilitate collaboration, reproducibility and reuse in science.

Your own fast, native Clojure scripting CLI with GraalVM and SCI!

by Michiel Borkent

About Michiel Borkent

Michiel Borkent

Michiel Borkent (@borkdude) has been enjoying Clojure for over a decade during and outside of work. He is the author of clj-kondo, babashka and several other useful Clojure tools.

A Year Abroad – Around The World as a Digital Nomad

by Nicole Rauch

About Nicole Rauch

Nicole Rauch

Nicole Rauch is an independent software developer and development coach with a solid background in compiler construction and formal methods.
Her focus is on Domain-Driven Design, React/Redux with TypeScript as well as Clean Code and the restructuring of large Java legacy code applications.
Nonetheless, her secret love is for functional programming.
Furthermore, she is part of the organizers' committee of a number of conferences and co-founded Softwerkskammer, the german-speaking Software Craftsmanship community.

Immutable Data Structures for Fun and Profit

by Paula Gearon

About Paula Gearon

Paula Gearon

Paula has been developing with Clojure for over 10 years, and finds joy in working in the most technical parts of a system — building infrastructure allowing other developers to more efficiently do their jobs.
She has successfully led many technical teams on both commercial and open source projects, focusing on data storage and processing.
In the past, Paula was a lead editor for the SPARQL standard for accessing RDF databases. She is currently enthralled acting as the lead developer for the Asami database (check out 2.0 release!).
When not coding, her pre-pandemic hobbies of triathlons and Taekwondo have temporarily been replaced by cooking, running, and struggling to convince her children to walk outside more frequently.
Originally from Australia, she lives with her family in Virginia, in the USA.

Calva says: Welcome to Clojure! ♥️

by Peter Strömberg

About Peter Strömberg

Peter Strömberg

Peter Strömberg, a family man with five kids, had his professional career take a sharp turn when he met Clojure. This amazing language made coding much more fun than product management.
Today he hacks health at Pilloxa, enjoying the super powers of ClojureScript. To get some more of the Clojure support that users of Emacs and IntelliJ have, Peter created Calva.

Command & Conquer: Learnings from Decades of Code Editing

by Philippa Markovics

About Philippa Markovics

Philippa Markovics

Philippa works as UI Designer and Frontend Lead at Nextjournal.
Her main interests are in how we can make programming more tangible and data science more accessible. When she’s not working, you can find her planting food plots somewhere in the Austrian countryside.


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