Juni 10, 2022

:clojureD Schedule

Welcome to this year’s show!

This year we have not only fantastic speakers and talks, but also great workshops and lots of opportunities to spend time together.
To get updates about the schedule, please check our official twitter account.

Juni 11, 2022

Time Talks & Workshops
09:00 Doors open – Time to meet again!
10:00 Welcome ❤️
10:15 Automated Testing: What's the Point?
Paulus Esterhazy
10:45 Automated Correctness Analysis for core.async
Sung-Shik Jongmans
11:15 Let it Be
Ariel Alexi
11:45 Beginner-Driven Development
Daniel Higginbotham and Arne Brasseur
12:15 Lunch Break (Menu)
  Workshops & Fun time
The workshops will run in parallel. No registration required, but the number of seats is limited.
See the description of each workshop for additional links and resources.
In addition, we will offer some nice places for a chat on the beach.
13:45 Getting Started with Firetomic
Alex Oloo
13:45 Change the (Minecraft) World with Code
Arne Brasseur, Ariel Alexi and Felipe Barros
13:45 Clerk
Martin Kavalar, Philippa Markovics and Jack Rusher
13:45 Getting hooked on clj-kondo!
Michiel Borkent
13:45 REPL-acement – a vision for a new editor in Clojure for Clojure by Clojurians
Ray McDermott
15:30 Coffee Break (Menu)
16:00 Building Intelligible Systems
Alys Brooks
16:30 Code execution as data with omni-trace
Lukas Domagala
17:00 Use of Macros Leads to Remorse
Paula Gearon
17:30 How to Increase Clojure Awareness
Artem Barmin
18:00 Lightning Talks
18:30 Party and BBQ! (Menu)

:clojureD Talks & Workshops

Workshop: Getting Started with Firetomic

with Alex Oloo

About Alex Oloo

Alexander Oloo

Alex is an engineer by trade. A designer by necessity. And a jack of all trades for fun.
He’s been writing code for over a decade, both front and back. From Assembly to C and Node to Vue. And of course lots and lots of Clojure.
While the sun is up, Alex is the Head of Design at Absa Bank, where he leads a team of 200 of the most incredible humans.
At the moment, he’s focusing on building a world-class design org in which designers and process engineers can thrive.
Before his time at Absa, Alex was a bioengineer, lectured at the University of Pretoria, and worked in 3 early-stage startups.

Talk: Building Intelligible Systems

by Alys Brooks

About Alys Brooks

Alys Brooks

Alys Brooks is a software developer at Gaiwan, working on client projects across the stack and contributing to Gaiwan's Lambda Island open source projects. Before joining Gaiwan, she was a technical writer, and remains interested in communicating technical concepts accurately and engagingly.

In her free time, she enjoys photography, running, and game development. She lives with her cat and way too many books in Wisconsin in the US.

Talk: Let it Be

by Ariel Alexi

About Ariel Alexi

Ariel Alexi

Ariel is a passionate full stack developer at Gaiwan, a BC.s student and about to start her Master degree in Information Science. Ariel posted 2 academic articles and her 3rd and 4th are on the way. A year ago Ariel started to develop in Clojure and she became a fan of Functional programming. In her free time she posts about her journey into functional programming, participates in hackathons and develops fun side projects in other languages such as Java, C#, C++ and Python.

Workshop: Change the (Minecraft) World with Code

with Arne Brasseur, Ariel Alexi and Felipe Barros

About Arne Brasseur

Arne Brasseur

Arne is the CEO and founder of Gaiwan, the company behind Lambda Island and Heart of Clojure.
He teaches and consults about all things Clojure and ClojureScript, as well working tirelessly to improve the Clojure ecosystem through open source software like Kaocha, and community initiatives like ClojureVerse.

Talk: How to Increase Clojure Awareness

by Artem Barmin

About Artem Barmin

Artem Barmin

Artem is a co-founder of Freshcode, a Clojure consulting and software engineering company.
He has been gathering people around the Clojurecentric ideas since 2012.
Simplifying language onboarding and, as a result, making Clojure more popular are his main goals in terms of the Clojure ecosystem., a library curation platform, is one of Artem's contributions to their achievement.

Talk: Beginner-Driven Development

by Daniel Higginbotham and Arne Brasseur

About Daniel Higginbotham

Daniel Higginbotham

Daniel is the author of Clojure for the Brave and True. He loves making things and helping others make things.

Talk: Code execution as data with omni-trace

by Lukas Domagala

AboutLukas Domagala

Lukas Domagala

Lukas fell in love with Clojure during his studies nearly 10 years ago. He has always loved developer tooling more than is reasonable.
That's the reason he started omni-trace and is helping on calva, clojure-lsp, and orchard.
He's currently working at Scarlet, building dev-tools for regulatory documentation.

Workshop: Clerk

with Martin Kavalar, Philippa Markovics and Jack Rusher

About Martin Kavalar

Martin Kavalar

Martin Kavalar is a programmer with a degree in Physics interested in working at the intersection of science and industry.
With his small team, he has been building and running Sauspiel, an online community for the traditional German card game Schafkopf, for fifteen years.
They are now leveraging that experience to build NextJournal, to facilitate collaboration, reproducibility and reuse in science.

About Philippa Markovics

Philippa Markovics

Philippa works as UI Designer and Frontend Lead at Nextjournal.
Her main interests are in how we can make programming more tangible and data science more accessible. When she’s not working, you can find her planting food plots somewhere in the Austrian countryside.

About Jack Rusher

Jack Rusher

Jack Rusher’s long career as a computer scientist includes time at Bell Labs/AT&T Research and a number of successful startups.
His current work focuses on the deep relationship between art and technology.

Workshop: Getting hooked on clj-kondo!

with Michiel Borkent

About Michiel Borkent

Michiel Borkent

Michiel Borkent (@borkdude) has been enjoying Clojure for over a decade during and outside of work. He is the author of clj-kondo, babashka and several other useful Clojure tools.

Talk: Use of Macros Leads to Remorse

by Paula Gearon

About Paula Gearon

Paula Gearon

An avid Clojurista, Paula likes to work in the most technical parts of a system building the infrastructure that lets other developers do their jobs.
She has been the technical lead on several commercial and open source projects, with a focus on data storage and processing, and was a lead editor for the SPARQL standard for accessing RDF databases.
When not coding, she does triathlons, cooks, helps her children with homework, and mentors and supports young members of Women Who Code.
Originally from Australia, she currently lives with her family in Virginia, in the USA.

Talk: Automated Testing: What's the Point?

by Paulus Esterhazy

About Paulus Esterhazy


Paulus is Director of Engineering at Pitch, a Clojure-based presentation-software startup. Clearly he loves :clojureD – this is his fourth presentation at the conference.

Workshop: REPL-acement – a vision for a new editor in Clojure for Clojure by Clojurians

with Ray McDermott

About Ray McDermott

Ray McDermott.jpg

Clojure programmer / architect, producer and co-host of both defn podcast and the Apropos live stream.

Talk: Automated Correctness Analysis for core.async

by Sung-Shik Jongmans

About Sung-Shik Jongmans

Sung-Shik Jongmans

Sung-Shik Jongmans is assistant professor at Open University of the Netherlands and researcher at the Dutch National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science. His interests include programming languages, concurrency theory, and software engineering. Since he met Clojure a few years back, he's been excited to use the language to explore new research ideas. His long term aim: to make concurrent programming easier.

Lightning Talks

Listening to short talks on various topics in quick succession is a lot of fun! The more spontaneous, the more exciting for the speaker and the audience.

You can register for lightning talks (5 minutes) straight at the conference. We’ll have a limited number of spots and it’ll be first come first served.