Prelude 2020

February 27

February 28

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08:00 BOB 2020
18:30 Pre-conference welcome meet up at Nante Eck

Talks 2020

February 29

We will have two tracks in parallel. To get updates about the schedule, please check our official twitter account.

Postlude 2020

March 1

:clojureD Talks

From Lazy Lisper to Confident Clojurist

by Alexander Oloo

About Alexander Oloo

Alexander Oloo

Alex is an engineer by trade. A designer by necessity. And a jack of all trades for fun. He’s been write code for almost a decade. From Assembly to C and PHP to Node. Alex’s passion is learning new things as well as debugging systems, code, and people. Alex currently works a Design Director with the most awesome bunch humans at Absa Bank and dabbles in the startup life. Oh, and he writes Clojure. Lots of it.

Debugging AI

by Christian Betz

About Christian Betz

Christian Betz

Christian is a long-standing AI specialist who has been co-author of AI systems since the 1990s and has already completed his doctorate in the field of AI. For Christian LISP was one of the first programming languages, now he designs, implements and optimizes systems from database level to frontend code. He's author of the sparkling lib to run Clojure code on Apache Spark, and of the neo4j-clj Clojure driver for the Neo4j graph database.

He works as a software architect, project lead, CTO in the financial industry, for medical AI solutions, built AdTech solutions and (cyber) security systems. Now he designs and builds a solution for data42 for the analysis of networked data.

How to solve it? Complexity in code - Improving flow control through functional pipelines

by Dan Bunea

About Dan Bunea

Dan Bunea

Clojure lover and user in production for 5 years. Highly experienced software developer / system architect / team lead / technical manager with over 18 years of experience. Always pursuing simplicity (as the opposite of complexity) and not easiness, always looking for fast feedback. Pragmatic and on the hunt for efficiency. Always trying to lead by example, manage by consensus, always coaching and empowering other people. Always eager to learn.

Life in parens: simulating an ecosystem with Clojure

by Davide Taviani

About Davide Taviani

Davide Taviani

Mathematician by education, Clojure developer by passion. An independent developer, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others (about Clojure and more), running Dungeons and Dragons sessions and walking in nature.

Writing maintainable Clojure

by Erik Assum

About Erik Assum

Erik Assum

Erik works as a Clojure programmer at Ardoq, a Norwegian startup in the EA-space. He’s a mainly a backend programmer, but tends to work wherever the code is bad enough. Given time he’ll eventually drift into some sort of devops role while trying to figure out how to run the current project even better.

Lately, he's been lurking around open-source Clojure projects looking for easy bugs to fix. This is his way of paying back to the community.

Shell Scripting Made Simple with Clojure

by Jakub Dundalek

About Jakub Dundalek

Jakub Dundalek

Jakub works for Pitch, where he helps to build a presentation tool of the future. In his spare time he likes to work on open source projects with interests including parsers and visualizations. Jakub is the creator of Closh, a Clojure-based unix shell.

Making Geographic Maps with Clojure

by Joanne Cheng

About Joanne Cheng

Joanne Cheng

Joanne is a Clojure/ClojureScript engineer, currently working at Pitch in Berlin, Germany. She loves hiking, camping, and any activity* that involves spending time in nature.

* - except for ones that involve snakes.

Elevation of the Senses u2013 A Life Performance

by Kayla Lindner & Fabrizio Ferrai

About Kayla Lindner and Fabrizio Ferrai

Kayla Lindner

Kayla is a human being first and foremost. Clojure, Berlin and community are things that are close to her heart. She feels passionate about self-care, embodiment, human connection and co-creation.

Fabrizio Ferrai

Fabrizio is a Software Engineer by education and musician by heart, living between Helsinki, Berlin and Sardinia. Lately he's into a funny combination of computer music, community building, programming language design and developer UX. You might want to talk to him about Dhall, PureScript, music and fractals.

Together they realized they have the power to turn their lives into a living art project, by sitting right at the crossroad between programming, embodiment and community.

Programmation en Clojique

by Lars Hupel

About Lars Hupel

Lars Hupel

Lars is a consultant with INNOQ in Munich, Germany. He is known as one of the founders of the Typelevel initiative which is dedicated to providing principled, type-driven Scala libraries in a friendly, welcoming environment. A frequent conference speaker, he is active in the open source community, particularly in Scala. He also enjoys programming in and talking about Haskell, Prolog, and Rust.

Fun with JSON

by Malcolm Sparks

About Malcolm Sparks

Malcolm Sparks

Malcolm Sparks is the Technical Director of JUXT, a Clojure engineering firm in the UK. Malcolm's open-source work includes libraries such as bidi, yada and tick.

Self-hosted ClojureScript: How to bootstrap a compiler?

by Maria Geller

About Maria Geller

Maria Geller

Maria is a Software Engineer working remotely at Pitch who is seeking a healthy balance between family, work and self-care.

Babashka and the Small Clojure Interpreter: Using Clojure in new contexts.

by Michiel Borkent

About Michiel Borkent

Michiel Borkent

Michiel Borkent is a software developer and Clojurian. He can be found as @borkdude in various places on the web.

Communicating the Impact of Youth Voter Registration Using Clojure and R

by Nick Stares

About Nick Stares

Nick Stares

Nick studies Data Science and Geospatial Analytics at George Mason University. Previously, he was a software engineer at Evident Systems and Motionsoft. In his free time he enjoys painting, making music, and performance art.

Angels Singing: Writing for Programmers

by Paulus Esterhazy

About Paulus Esterhazy

Paulus Esterhazy

Paulus is Principal Engineer at Pitch, a Berlin presentation software startup. He is co-organizer of the ClojureBerlin meetup.

Bob: A composable and inclusive platform making CI/CD Simple

by Rahul Du00e9

About Rahul Du00e9

Rahul De

Rahul is a Senior Infrastructure Consultant at ThoughtWorks. They are equally interested in doing development and infrastructure and is particularly dedicated to making simpler tools to bridge the gap between Dev and Ops. As a die hard Clojure fan, Rahul is dedicated to using its power and simplicity to make infra simple too; a place where Clojure is rarely seen but can be of immense value. Mostly based in Berlin, Rahul loves to organise and attend meetups and conferences around increasing diversity in tech, functional programming and food. Rahul is always up for a (often emotional) discussion about veganism, climate change, communism, ways to increase diversity and getting rid of static types altogether.

Malli: Inside Data-driven Schemas

by Tommi Reiman

About Tommi Reiman

Tommi Reiman

Tommi Reiman is a programmer, CTO and co-founder at Metosin. Into good coffee, hammock and simple software. Working mostly with Clojure(Script).

Learning Clojure by making Multiplayer games

by Vibhav Sarraf

About Vibhav Sarraf

Vibhav Sarraf

Vibhav is a developer at GetMega, a gaming startup, where he writes Go and sometimes Bash scripts which writes Go code because you know how Golang sucks at abstractions. He is passionate about functional programming and works with Elm and Clojure on side projects.

:clojureD Lightning Talks

Listening to short talks on various topics in quick succession is a lot of fun! The more spontaneous, the more exciting for the speaker and the audience.

We had a limited number of spots and it was first come first served.

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